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The Best 7 Bluetooth Key Finders To Ensure Your Keys Never Go Missing Again

Though it has a shorter range than the other Tile models, the Slim is the thinnest tracker available, and it still benefits from the Tile network. To test range, we went to a park along the water, away from any buildings or structures that might potentially interfere with the Bluetooth signal. We set each tracker on a bench, then walked away with our paired iPhone while measuring the distance using a measuring wheel. We then walked back toward the tracker until the Bluetooth connection was reestablished, recording that distance.

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We repeated this test at least 10 times per tracker and calculated the average distance for each tracker for both measurements. The best Bluetooth tracker you can buy is the Tile Pro. The Tile Pro is a round-cornered square about 1. The white model is available only by purchasing a multipack.

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An opening in the top-left corner lets you attach a keychain, lanyard, or similar tether. We were able to get an average of about feet away before losing the connection with our iPhone, with some tests measuring around feet. Tile advertises the Pro as being twice as loud as the Tile Mate and 50 percent louder than the previous generation Pro aka the Sport and Style. At a foot away, the Pro registered at As a point of reference, the Tile app tells you how many other active Tile users are within roughly 5 to 6 miles of your current location: In August , the app reported 45, in that range in New York City; 5, in Long Beach, California; 3, in Saint Paul, Minnesota; and 1, off the Las Vegas strip.

With older Tile models, each tracker lasted only about a year before its internal battery was drained and the entire tracker had to be replaced. And the battery is held securely in place until you use a pen or paper clip to pop out it. Photo: Michael Hession. The company told us that test units survived 1, cycles in a dryer, so you should expect the hardware to last longer than the battery.

The 10 Best GPS Key Finders – Great Way to Find Your Missing Keys

In the app, you can name each Tile whatever you like and also add a photo. For example, if you have a Tile Sport in your backpack, you can add a photo of the backpack for that particular Tile.

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You can view your devices—all Tiles, your paired phone, and any other phones and tablets running the Tile app under your account—in list or map modes. You can pair an unlimited number of Tiles with a phone, but only eight on iOS or four on Android Tiles can be actively communicating via Bluetooth with the phone at once. Once a Tile is paired with your phone, you can use the accessory in a few different ways. If the Tile is out of Bluetooth range, you can view a map displaying its location the last time your phone made contact with it.

More on that in a bit. This feature takes advantage of anyone using the Tile app on a phone or tablet: If one of those devices passes within Bluetooth range of your lost tracker, you get an alert on your phone and an email with the location at which it was detected. This feature worked as advertised in our testing. The Tile family is the only Bluetooth tracker we encountered with an Apple Watch app that shows connected Tiles on a map and lets you trigger alarms.

When you press the button, the corresponding device will light up and beep, drawing you to your device. If it is dark outside a handy LED light attached to the remote will also help you find your way.

The set is not as discrete as the Tile and similar devices; they really are meant to be attached to your keys and not much else. They work as a pair, two KeyRingers about the size of a USB drive attach to a pair of keys, one calling the other in times of need.

The 10 Best GPS Key Finders – Great Way to Find Your Missing Keys

When you lose one device, you have a range of up to feet to activate from the other. The call produces an extremely loud screeching sound that will let you know exactly where your item is in a hurry, whether it is deep under the couch or out in the lawn. The battery lasts an above-average 18 months and can easily be replaced. The product is very durable, built with a high-impact polycarbonate case that will not easily break.

If it does fracture, a two-year warranty will have you up and running in no time. The flat transmitters can even be attached to laptops and other devices with double-sided adhesive. Luxsure brings a new dimension to key finder technology with its smart anti-lost tag, an effective app will both beep to show that they have been disconnected.

Cube is a small Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use-app that helps you find everyday items quickly.

The Luxsure community can also help fill you in on the location of your lost devices. Compare the best wireless key finders. Stop theft, get proximity alerts, and locate your lost items from your Android or iOS smartphone Filter based on monthly fees, or if the item tracker has additional social or alert features. Item Finder Product Spotlight. Highlights Tile's Bluetooth range is up to ft. Bluetooth is most effective at the 30 ft range, depending on the environment.

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Loudly ring a lost item from the app and find it by sound. Find your phone. BestBuy 4. Tracker Tags. Amazon 1. Duet by Protag. Lapa 2. Easily and securely share valuables with anyone.