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The exact type of digital technology and several other factors can affect the sound quality and loudness of the interference. For example, the interference resulting from one type of digital technology is sometimes described as 'sounding like a motorboat' while another is described as 'sounding like a bumblebee. Power requirements increase as the distance between the cell phone and base station increases, causing the strength of the electromagnetic field around the phone's antenna to increase. Audiologists should encourage hearing aid patients to be persistent as shoppers.

Hearing aid wearers may find one technology works better than another with their hearing aid.

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If they have a problem with one brand of service, encourage them to try another. Audiologists might suggest that their patients start with this technology whenever the option exists. Solutions: Working Toward Compatibility Solutions to the compatibility problem between digital wireless telephones and hearing aids originate from a number of different arenas. Phone Solutions Solutions from the telephone industry may include; reducing the strength of the pulsing electromagnetic field on hearing aids by increasing the number of base stations, improving antenna technology and shielding the phone.

Handset design may be an important phone feature for hearing aid wearers consider. Fig 4: A flip phone left and standard bar phone right. Some phone manufacturers are already providing hearing aid compatible HAC accessories for people using telecoils in their hearing aids. When audiologists discuss the use of accessories with hearing aid patients, it's important to emphasize that additional accessories usually means additional cost.

Neckloops: Three wireless phone manufacturers, Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson, have developed neckloops that inductively couple to a hearing aid's telecoil to help keep the phone distanced from the hearing aid. The neckloops are unobtrusive accessories that plug into compatible phones. These loopsets include a built-in microphone and permit hands-free use of the phone and binaural listening if the user has two hearing aids with telecoils.

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The phone itself can be carried in a pocket or clipped on a piece of clothing, away from the hearing aids, so the effects of the interference are lessened or eliminated. Motorola and Ericsson's neckloops, new product accessories for both companies, were not yet available for retail sale.

It is important to realize that many of these systems run on button batteries. Patients need to be reminded to change batteries on a regular basis, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Third-Party HAC Accessories: There are many third-party hearing aid compatible HAC accessories available for purchase by hearing aid wearers who have telecoil options on their hearing aids.

There are devices similar to the neckloops described previously, which have a silhouette inductor that slips on the ear behind the hearing aid and produces a strong magnetic signal for pick-up by the hearing aid's telecoil. A built-in microphone is included for hands-free use of the phone. Picture 2: A third-pary HAC accessory with a silhouette inductor and built-in microphone attached to a Nokia model phone using an adapter. HAC headsets are available e. There are devices designed to strap onto the phone e. This may be particularly useful to hearing aid users who do not experience interference from digital wireless phones, but prefer or need inductive coupling for telephone communication.

Built-in HAC is available in some analog wireless phones. Some digital wireless phones may also have built-in HAC, but due to potential interference problems, they are not advertised as such. Miscellaneous Accessories: Another accessory that might reduce interference is an external antenna accessory which effectively changes the location of the antenna away from the user's head or directs the electromagnetic field away from the user's ear. One interesting type of device e. It plugs into a car's cigarette lighter and uses the stereo system to pick up the telephone conversation.

The output of the phone's earpiece is redirected to the car's speakers where the stereo's volume and tone controls can be adjusted to improve listening. Another accessory for use in the car is a dashboard antenna e. Another product e. This type of accessory may be helpful to some hearing aid wearers who use the microphone setting on their hearing aid for phone calls. It probably will not be as effective for telecoil users, since some of the interference with the telecoil comes from other circuitry inside the cell phone and not just from the phone's antenna.

Finally, there are companies e.


This type of product has been marketed for individuals concerned about possiblehealth risks associated with cellular phone radiation. Because the shielding directs the antenna's electromagnetic field away from the user's ear, it may be useful to hearing aid wearers. Although the accessories discussed above may be useful to hearing aid wearers who experience interference when using digital wireless phones, there is very little, if any, independent information to support their use and relative effectiveness. The sound of interference can make communication more difficult in noisy mobile environments and situations.

For these reasons, the purchase of a digital phone should be approached carefully. At present, hearing aid wearers who experience interference may find that for a wide range of situations, a hearing aid compatible HAC analog phone works best. However, it is important for the patient to understand that market trends suggest digital wireless service and phones will be the only technology choice available within a few years. Even now, many carriers do not offer analog service, and fewer analog phones are available for purchase. For this reason, it is worthwhile to encourage your patients to investigate digital services and options to see if these technologies can work for them.

However, they are generally not an alternative for individuals who want to exclusively use analog service.

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On almost all dual mode phones, the network, rather than the user, selects which technology will be used on a given call. Dual mode phones were developed so that digital service subscribers could still use their phones while traveling in areas where analog, but not digital service, was available. Hearing Aid Solutions Some hearing aid manufacturers are working to increase hearing aid immunity to electromagnetic interference through shielding and circuit modification and design and have marketed products advertised with this characteristic.

It should be noted that behind-the-ear hearing aids seem more susceptible to interference than in-the-ear hearing aids and custom canal aids Ravindran, Schlegel, Grant, Matthew and Scates, The smaller aids are worn farther away from the phone's antenna, are shielded by the user's head and may have less gain. Digital hearing aids also seem to resist interference better than their counterparts using analog circuitry.

Audiologists may want to suggest hearing aid candidates select hearing aids with built-in immunity and t-coils, especially if their patients have an interest in or need for using digital wireless telephones. T-coils are required to take advantage of many of the accessories being developed by both the phone industry and third party manufacturers.

Hearing aid wearers should ask cellular service providers about the type s of technology digital or analog they use. If hearing aid wearers use a telecoil for telephone communication or have a telecoil-equipped hearing aid s , the audiologist might suggest that the patient ask which phones are adaptable for use with HAC accessories. If hearing aid wearers use the microphone setting on their hearing aid for telephone communication, the audiologist might suggest they try using hands-free headsets with or without their hearing aid s.

If they have direct audio input DAI capability on their hearing aids, hearing aid companies e. Real-time Monitoring — It is possible to track real-time activities. Facebook or myspace Firelogs — Fb activities are traceable.

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