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According to the reviews posted on the Google Play page, the app will often let kids go well beyond the limits that the app places on their downtime, and struggles to keep them from downloading other apps that can simply get around the Family Safe limitations.

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This is why we recommend choosing one of the parental control suites mentioned above. Why should I pay for extra for anything else? The main problem that many parents face with that approach is that for every platform your child uses, a new set of rules and regulations need to be set up and enforced. Parental control software can be a lot of things for a family. Parental control software works simultaneously across all devices at once, and centralizes the activity of all your kids into one easy-to-manage dashboard.

No in-OS parental control settings will offer that. For example, while some suites may have all the bells and whistles with a price point to match , you may not need so many different options and could even end up just as satisfied with a lower cost option instead. This setting can encompass everything from simply monitoring their activity to directly blocking websites or categories of websites from being displayed in the first place.

It should be a primary concern for anyone who signs up for a new account with one of the services listed below. Some will even cut access to the internet entirely depending on the device, disabling all activity past a certain time. This can save you money while also helping you keep a close eye on your child when they leave the house. Of all the software we tested, this feature appears to only be available on Android due to the way that iOS handles app permissions on its own platform aside from uKnowKids, more on that later.

That said, if any of your kids do use an Android device, having the option to control which contacts they can talk to — as well as read the record of those discussions with certain parental control suites — can give parents the peace of mind they need. But what is it about some parental control software options that make them more viable than others? What features do parental control software applications need to have to give them that edge over the rest?

A Well-Designed Dashboard: Every parental control software on the market today begins and ends in one place: the dashboard. Good parental control software makes this process as easy as possible for anyone to use, summarizing what they need to know in a visually clean format while also making it simple to quickly change rules or add new limits on the fly.

The payoff here is two-fold: one, this lets you stay up to date on how their browsing habits are changing in real time. A Solid Support Team: Lastly, any parental control company should have a good number of support options to choose from in order to help any parents who may not be as tech-savvy as their own kids. To combat this, parental control companies need to have responsive support staff capable of guiding parents through everything they need to know to keep their kids in check.

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Parental control suites have come a long way since their early days, and nowhere is that evolution of features and functionality more apparent than in Qustodio. This feature generally makes it easier for parents to greenlight their kids on the go, especially if the app includes some form of mobile notification option on top of the regular access request service. Without it, kids may have to wait several hours before you get around to unblocking that specific domain manually through the Qustodio dashboard.

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Website: www. Well, it all comes down to user-friendliness. Recognizing the problem that many families were facing when it came to paying for both an antivirus suite as well as a parental control app on top of it, Norton has capitalized on the more budget-conscious consumer and packaged a nearly-perfect parental control option into their greater network of protection-based software to pass the savings onto you. Norton implements many of the same design elements from their antivirus options into the parental control suite, and the effort pays off in spades.

Read our full Norton Family Review. One of the biggest problems that many less tech-taught parents run into when trying to get their kids or teenagers corralled into a new parental control network, is actually being able to stay one step ahead of their kids when it comes to keeping the network in check. Not all parents have the most up-to-date knowledge on what a web filtering system is or how to protect their access passwords from the prying eyes of their children.

Luckily, Mobicip has made the whole process of getting your own parental controls setup and running as tight as a drum easier than ever before. Read our full Mobicip review. The sheer number of social media networks and apps that uKnowKids can monitor dwarfs any other contenders on this roundup. You always have the option to install another suite and run them both for their own strengths — say Qustodio combined with uKnowKids — in order to get the full parental control experience! But what else should you be thinking about when it comes to securing your home network from anyone who might try to do you or your children digital harm?

This parental control app is a multi-device application that gives various features to keep your kids safe. You can access all social activities and websites. There are some features of Norton Online Family such as:. This app is one of cross-platform for monitoring various activities and filtering websites. Features such as :.

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There are features of Kidlogger such as:. There are some features such as:. If you want to download and install this app, then there are simple and easy steps to use. With this parental control app, you can easily access overall activities such as view all text messages, calls, real-time location and many others. You can set up a screen limit on their phone to perform any activity on their phone and easily block the app or websites content.

There are some basic features such as:. On the internet platform, there is a wide range of parental control software that offers the best features for parents. FamiSafe is one of best parental monitoring for Android and iPhone. If you have an Android phone, then you can easily download and install from the Play store app and make some setting on mobile. Most of the time, parents are worried about their kids. You can easily free download and install in Android device or iPhone devices from Play store and App Store.

The FamiSafe parental monitoring software is available on the Play store or App store. Try it Now. Computer Monitoring Software for Parents computer monitoring software for parent. Parenting in the Digital Age At present time, kids are spending lots of time on their mobile phone for using the internet.

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  • Monitoring vs. K9 Web Protection This is one of the best free parental control apps. Features of K9 Web Protection such as: Real-time location. Set time restriction. Block various social app and websites. Pros: You can simply download this app free from its official website. Cons: Browsing speed is very slow. No controls over emails, and games. The Qustodio is popular parental control app that offers various features such as: Easily track all phone calls and text messages.

    Set up Restrict screen time setting. Access Real-time location. Monitor social media apps. Pros: This parental control app offers cross-platform for the users. Browser independent content filter feature Cons: In iOS, there are some features with limited features. No control over games.

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    Easily block the social app or websites. Cons: This app is not available for windows.

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    Window Live Family Safety If you want to parental control on a windows system, then you choose the best free Window live Family Safety software.